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Work Experience at The Bigger Printing Company

Are you looking for a work placement? Are you interested in the printing / design industry? We might just be able to help.

We enjoy having students with us for a week’s work placement, it allows us to give something back, meet the next generation of print finishers, designers, account managers or accountants, whilst also investing in the future of our industry.

Throughout the year, we receive a high number of requests from students and parents (on behalf of their offspring) who are looking for a work placement position. Students are often trying to find positions all at the same time, and demand is high. We wish we could facilitate everyone who contacts us, but due to time constraints, the volume of applicants, and our capacity at the time, this isn’t always the case.

Students who contact us are often studying a wide range of subjects, and might not necessarily look to come to us for a work placement focusing on the printing side of what we do. Often, students come to us who are more interested on the design and creative side of what we do for example.

As we are sometimes unable to meet students in advance of a placement, we have created the form below so we can get an understanding of what the student is looking to get out of their placement, and if we are a good fit.

If you would like to apply for a placement, please fill out all of the contact details, select which area of what we do you are interested in, and really tell us about yourself; ‘What are you studying? Why us? What interests do you have?’ If you have a CV, please upload that and send that to us as well.

On receiving your request, we will be in touch to confirm if your request has been successful or not.

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  13. All application forms submitted to The Bigger Printing Company are stored on secure servers during the application process, and viewed the senior Management staff. Successful and unsuccessful candidate’s forms will be stored for future reference in case a similar role becomes available in the future. If you would like your information to be deleted after the application process, please inform senior staff during the application process. Read our privacy policy on how we use your data.
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