PVC Banners & Flags For WMSP

Producing double-sided, reinforced triple stitched PVC banners and feather fags for West Midlands Safari Park


The Bigger Printing Company has been busy helping West Midlands Safari Park create an eye-catching range of new printed displays around the park, which is located in Worcestershire. Bigger Printing has produced a series of PVC banners which have been hung at the entrance to the park, as well as a pair of large flags, which have been positioned outside the latest addition to the park – the Dino Diner.

West Midlands Safari Park (WMSP) is home to some of the world's most beautiful and endangered exotic animal species, including lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants, rhinos and zebras. A large portion of these animals are located in the Safari drive-through area of the park, while others such as penguins and bats are located next to the park’s large adventure theme park, as part of the walk-through experience. WMSP also houses the UK’s largest animatronic Dinosaur attraction, containing a huge range of life-size dinosaur models – the Land of the Living Dinosaurs.

WMSP tasked Bigger Printing with producing a series of hard-wearing, double-sided PVC banners for the grand entrance to the park. Each vibrant PVC banner would need reinforced stitching to withstand strong winds, ensuring the durability required. Bigger Printing produced 15 PVC banners in total, each measuring 2.7 metres tall, each finished with reinforced triple stitched pockets, and extra eyelets for maximum durability.

Ahead of the opening of the Dino Diner (the new restaurant which has opened opposite the Land of the Living Dinosaurs attraction), Bigger Printing produced a pair of super-sized flags (each measuring 4.6 metres tall). Each flag is securely fixed with a large ground spike, and whilst they are printed single-sided, the design is visible from both sides of the fabric. These flags tower above the surrounding greenery, allowing the public to easily locate this new restaurant.

For more information on West Midlands Safari Park, please visit their website here.