Art Gallery Exhibition at The Wilson

Producing and installing a wall and floor vinyl exhibition at The Wilson art gallery


When planning its latest art exhibition, The Wilson contacted The Bigger Printing Company to provide assistance with creating a collection of interesting wall and floor graphics to compliment the exhibition – ‘Fake! – The Great Reveal’.

The Wilson is Gloucestershire’s premier art gallery and museum which is located in the heart of Cheltenham. The Wilson is home to an internationally significant museum collection of exceptional quality and variety, fine art collections, and temporary exhibitions such as ‘Fake! – The Great Reveal’.

Running from June 17th- October 15th 2017, ‘Fake! – The Great Reveal’ exposes a selection of fake works of art as featured in the Sky Arts television series ‘Fake! The Great British Masterpiece Challenge'.

Visitors to the exhibition can see all 8 ‘fake’ paintings, and one original from the hit series brought together for the very first time. The fakes have been painted by leading copyists including John Myatt, the art forger behind what Scotland Yard called ‘the biggest art fraud of the 20th century’.

Sitting alongside the fakes, and the original art piece, are a combination of vinyl wall and floor graphics, produced and installed by Bigger Printing. Expanding on the exhibition’s theme of ‘fake art’, these vinyl graphics have been designed to look like huge cracks in the floor and walls, as well as some designs working with false perspective.

Two incredibly tall wall graphics - a balloon on a piece of string and a ladder were installed in the corners, towering over the visitors to the exhibition. These graphics were each produced in just one piece of vinyl, and range from being over 4 metres tall, to over 6 metres tall.

Due to the size of some of the graphics, and the height which they were required to be installed at, Bigger Printing used a MI Installation Tower to safely and easily install these graphics, inside the exhibition gallery.

Below is a quick video of the vinyl installation taking place at The Wilson art gallery.


In addition to the graphics which were installed inside the exhibition, Bigger Printing also produced advertising graphics which are located around The Wilson, such as a window display printed onto Contra Vision creating a one-way display, and a hanging PVC banner with a bottom pocket. These graphics help visitors to identify the exhibition, as well as serving as way-finding signage.

Commenting on the project, Creative producer for The Cheltenham Trust, Lizzy Maries said “The vinyls were designed to create a sense of fakery – the idea that something is not quite right with your environment and you need look twice. We’re really pleased with the result and it’s great to see visitors jumping over a vinyl ‘hole’ in the floor.

For more information on the exhibition, please visit the Wilson Art Gallery’s website here.