White Ink Wall Display For Mira Showers

Mira Showers take advantage of the impact provided by white ink with a huge wall display

White ink display for Mira Showers


The Bigger Printing Company specialises in making a big impact with large format print, and versatile production methods are essential to meeting the demands of individual projects, as well as maximising the results.

When Mira Showers approached Bigger Printing to produce a large wall display in their warehouse (measuring 7.8 meters wide by 2.4 meters high), Bigger Printing suggested a slightly different production method than what would often be used.

Due to the nature of the artwork containing a lot of black space, Bigger Printing opted to print directly onto black Dibond. Without a white surface to print onto, the text was printed in white ink, and the image in the display was under-printed with white ink to ensure the colours within the image remained strong and vibrant. Without the use of white ink, a standard CMYK print would have needed to have been used on a white material.

The original artwork was separated by Bigger Printing so the text and image became separate elements to the background (which was no longer required due to the colour of the Dibond). A white ink mask was generated for the image (including the water) which was printed underneath the image to provide a white base for the image.

As the wall display is in a warehouse, a seal was finally applied to the print to protect the display from any damage that may be caused by the environment. The combination and contrast in the deep, dark background of the Dibond and the bright, white ink elements results in a very eye-catching display.

Ryan Kell, Brand Visualisation Manager at Mira Showers commented “Due to the large format / scale, I was reassured to have The Bigger Printing Co. provide their expertise and knowledge to the project. From the outset, the service and attention to detail was faultless. Subsequently, we have continued to work together on other large format installations."

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