White Ink Acrylic Displays at WWT

Printing in just white ink directly to translucent and cast acrylic for Washington Wetland Centre


The Bigger Printing Company helped Washington Wetland Centre decorate their new Waterlab area with a series of translucent and cast acrylic displays.

Located on the outskirts of Sunderland, Washington Wetland Centre called upon Bigger Printing to help create these displays, after seeing some of the projects which Bigger Printing had been involved with at the Slimbridge Wetland Centre, Gloucester, such as the Dusty Duck project.

Looking to take advantage of Bigger Printing’s white ink technology, Washington created four designs which were printed directly to translucent and cast 5mm acrylic, in just white ink. Each display uses a different coloured acrylic - and two of the acrylics are translucent, while the other two are solid cast colours.

Each design was printed directly to acrylic, using varying densities of white ink, in two 'print passes', or 'print layers'. This print process created high quality, highly detailed prints on the acrylics which were then fixed into wooden frames and positioned around the Waterlabs area at Washington.

This solution is entirely water proof, which ensures these displays will stand the test of time out in the elements. By printing in just white ink onto coloured translucent and cast acrylics, rather than standard white or clear acrylics, the finished result is a highly-impactful and eye-catching display which also suits the environment, while providing visitors to the centre with a very different display system to enjoy.

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