Window Graphics for The Warehouse

Helping the launch of 'The Cave' at The Warehouse Climbing Centre with a vinyl window display


The Bigger Printing Company has just returned from installing a new vinyl window display at The Warehouse Climbing Centre, Gloucester, as part of the opening of the centre’s newest addition - ‘The Cave’.

Back in June 2010, Bigger Printing produced a wide range of displays for The Warehouse as part of their extensive re-brand, including a large window display for The Warehouses’ shop. Six years later, Bigger Printing returned to help transform what was The Warehouse’s shop into the entrance to The Cave.

The Cave is Gloucestershire’s first indoor, artificial caving system and the latest activity to be added to The Warehouse. Built from fibre glass polyester resin, it is a fun and exciting replication of real caving, but in a safe and controlled environment. Featuring realistic sights and sounds, this submersed experience is a unique activity. Explorers manoeuver through over 90 metres of twists and turns to navigate to the next challenging chamber, before finding their way out.

NewGen Business Services, who provide all of The Warehouses’ marketing requirements, provided Bigger Printing with the design for the window display. The window display was produced utilising both cast vinyl, and printed clear vinyl. All of the graphics were produced in reverse so they could be applied to the inside of the windows, facing out, and reading the correct way around. Apart from the cast vinyl, the display was intended to be semi-opaque, therefore white ink was deliberately not used as a backing for the printed displays on clear vinyl.

The finished effect is a welcoming window display clearly advertising the location of The Cave, whilst not obstructing the view of the entrance so the public are able to see explorers enter the cave. As the graphics have been produced in reverse, and then applied to the inside of the window, the glass also acts as a protective barrier between the graphics and any potential damage.

Commenting on the project, General Manager at The Warehouse‬ Jeremy Chapman said ‪‬”We’ve worked with Bigger Printing for many years and they have never let us down. ‬Once again, they have been great from start to finish, advising on the most appropriate materials and the best printing methods to get the desired effect we required. The end result looks fantastic and is just what we wanted!

For more information on The Warehouse Climbing Centre, please visit their website here.