Acrylics for The Brewery Quarter

Printing and installing over 20 internal and external acrylic name plaques at The Brewery Quarter


After recently completing a large run of hoarding panels for The Brewery Quarter, The Bigger Printing Company returned to The Brewery Quarter last week to install a series of new internal and external acrylic name plaques.

Following the re-brand The Brewery Quarter has recently undergone, over 20 internal and external name plaques were designed to include the new branding. The series of acrylics vary in size, although most are circular, printed in reverse on the back of 10mm clear acrylic, and under printed with spot white ink.

By printing the text in reverse, on the reverse of the acrylic, when the acrylic is turned around the right way, the text reads correctly, and is protected by the acrylic. As digital CMYK print requires a white surface in order for the colours to maintain their density and vibrancy, white ink was spot printed behind the text so the text maintained its density, but the clear acrylics were still transparent, apart from the text. Without the use of white ink, the acrylics would have needed to have been flooded in white vinyl, causing the acrylic to lose its transparent property.

One acrylic of note is an information plaque located externally next to ‘The Celluloid Ladies’ statue, at the St. Margaret’s Road entrance to the site. The statue of the Celluloid Ladies was relocated to The Brewery Quarter in August 2015 following the demolition of their previous home, the Art Deco style Odeon cinema in 2014, thus providing a link from the previous home of Cheltenham’s cinema, to its current. This 500mm by 500mm acrylic was produced on 20mm thick clear acrylic, backed in white spot white ink, and finished with a flood of a chosen cast vinyl.

Commenting on the project, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Brewery Cheltenham, Demelsa Coleman said “As always, working with Bigger Printing ran smoothly, with a continual dialogue to ensure we were getting what we wanted. Bigger Printing made several suggestions to us to help resolve a few issues with the existing fixtures and fittings, and where the signs were being replaced and they came up with an attractive solution. We also wanted to ensure that the Celluloid Ladies plaque was sympathetic to the historic stone sculptures it sits between and we are delighted with the outcome. Thanks as always Bigger Printing!

For more information on The Brewery Quarter, please visit their website here.