Tewkesbury Marina Signage

The Bigger Printing Company produce a range of eye catching new signage for Tewkesbury Marina


Set on the banks of the river Avon, Tewkesbury Marina is a popular destination for boat enthusiasts in the southwest. Like any tourist destination, clear signage is critical to providing a smooth, stress-free experience for visitors. Good signage not only shows people how to reach a location but also what to do once they get there.

Tewkesbury Marina needed much clearer signage within the site and they needed trusted suppliers to help them produce it. So they asked Tom Helme from the design agency Local Creative and large format printers, The Bigger Printing Company, to come up with the goods. Their task was to produce a series of signs to be positioned throughout the marina. Each sign had to be fit for purpose and sit well within its location. Tom took care of the creative, with Bigger Printing bringing his ideas to life.

Bigger Printing used a variety of styles and materials to produce the signs, which ranged from tray signs and directional totem signs to PVC banners. All of the materials needed to be extremely durable to withstand the unpredictable British weather and the marina’s rising water levels - both of which can cause fading and decay.

Many things can change on a site of this size, so it was critical that the marina could easily update the directional signs in the future. To this end, Bigger Printing created the graphics for the totem direction signs using cut vinyl. This makes them easy to update, as and when the site develops. Bigger Printing also produced 6m wide PVC banners for ‘welcome’ and ‘goodbye’ signs that sit on a bridge at the entrance to the marina. Smaller 2m PVC banners, designed to promote the marina, are now located next to the road, so as to catch the eyes of passersby.

Commenting on the signs from Bigger Printing, Oliver Wylie, Harbour Master for Tewkesbury Marina, says: “The marina used to be a confusing mix of tired signs with no consistency in design or message. After Local Creative re-designed the website and company logo last year, we wanted to extend the new company image to include smart new signs to boost the appearance of the site. Bigger Printing visited us on a number of occasions to ensure that our requirements were met and the whole process of design, production and installation was handled very professionally. We have already received very positive feedback from our customers and the marina looks a great deal more presentable as a result.

Watch our video below to see how we produced the PVC banners for this project.


For more information on Tewkesbury Marina, please visit www.tewkesbury-marina.co.uk

For more information on Local Creative, please visit www.localcreative.co.uk