Xtreme Wall Displays For SCI-MX

Large self-adhesieve wallpaper wall displays for SCI-MX Nutrition at the Xtreme CSC gym in Cheltenham


When SCI-MX Nutrition had the opportunity to produce large wall displays inside the newest gym in Cheltenham, Xtreme CSC, they contacted wall display specialists The Bigger Printing Company to make sure the wall displays could be produced within the tight deadline of before Christmas.

SCI-MX Nutrition is a market leader sports nutrition company, providing a wide range of quality sports supplements for professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. Xtreme CSC is the newest gym in Cheltenham, opening its doors just before December. The state of the art core, strength and conditioning gym is located in the Kingsditch Estate and caters for all levels of fitness, from competing athletes to gym-novices.

Following an initial brief from SCI-MX, Bigger Printing visited Xtreme CSC to conduct a site survey, and provide measurements and photos of the chosen walls inside the gym to SCI-MX’s designers to produce the artwork. As the gym needed to open just before Christmas in order to be fully ready for the January rush, the turnaround time from artwork to installation was tight.

The artwork was printed onto self-adhesive wallpaper. Self-adhesive wallpaper is a highly popular choice of material for large wall art displays as unlike conventional wallpaper that requires paste, self-adhesive wallpaper does not. As wallpaper does not require additional paste, and can be repositioned easily, it's quick to install - perfect for tight deadlines.

The install is therefore much easier and cleaner. Large displays can be printed across several drops or panels, creating very large, seamless displays. Self-adhesive wallpaper is often utilised as a long term display solution, however, it can be removed and repositioned easily if required, and without leaving a residue on the wall.

The wall displays ranged in size from 1.1m by 2.2m to 5.8m by 2.2m. Most of the walls had door frames what needed to be accounted for in the artwork, as well as the install itself. In additional to the walls, the reception desk measuring over 5m wide by 1.1m high also required a graphic to be applied to both the main, and side panels.

For further information on SCI-MX, please visit their website here.

For further information on Xtreme CSC, please visit their website here.