Roll-up Banners For The RBS 6 Nations

Roll-up banners and a Curve display for Gullivers Sports Travel to use at the RBS 6 Nations

Roll-up banners for Gullivers Sports Travel


It’s that time of year again when England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy engage in an almighty rugby battle with each other over the course of five weekends to determine the winner of the RBS 6 Nations tournament. Throughout the RBS 6 Nations tournament, Gullivers Sports Travel operates packaged tours, taking rugby fans to the countries and stadiums each weekend to support their team.

To facilitate the organisation of the fans, Gullivers Sports Travel has once again teamed up with The Bigger Printing Company to produce a series of Roll-up banners, a Curve display, flags and various other signage graphics to be used throughout the tournament.

The roll-up banners and other signage graphics produced by Bigger Printing will be used to highlight the presence of Gullivers and act as meeting points for the fans arriving at airports, hotel lobbies and at functions such as welcome drinks. The signage graphics will also be used for decoration and branding purposes when used away from the packaged tours, such as at networking events and conferences.

All of the graphics that have been manufactured have been produced to be quick and easy to set-up, lightweight to aid transportation from stadium to stadium (including being taken on international flights), as well as being durable enough to last two months being taken from country to country, and then being used at networking events and conferences.

Commenting on the project, Head of Marketing at Gullivers Sports Travel, Vicky Cheevers said “We have been using The Bigger Printing Company for many years. They have always offered exceptional service with competitive quotes, as well as a superb advisory service for the many ad hoc (some say, random!) signage requests we have. The quality of their products ensures we receive great presence whilst out on tour, which sets us apart from our competitors.

For further information on roll-up banners, we have produced this short video showing how we create roll-up banners from receiving the artwork to delivery.


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