PSU External Display Boards

Four eye-catching designs printed directly to external aluminium composite boards for PSU Business Group


Last week, The Bigger Printing Company returned to PSU Business Technology Group to update a series of eye-catching, large external display boards fixed to the front of their head office in Cheltenham.

Forming over 30 years ago, the PSU Business Technology are an award winning technology company, managing networks & connectivity, IT services, phone systems and mobile systems for businesses across the UK.

Back in 2010, Bigger Printing installed the original display boards outside the head office which contained imagery of technology which has now been superseded with the advancements in phone systems, IT infrastructures, and storage / cloud technology.

This print project involved the removal and recycling of the existing display boards, before the installation of the new display boards could proceed. Each of the new four displays measure over 2.5 metres by 2.1 metres. The designs were printed directly to 3mm composite panels, and finished with an external grade matt seal to help protect the prints from the elements, as well as providing a pleasing matt aesthetic which doesn’t reflect too much light, increasing the designs visibility from the road.

As the majority of the designs included a PSU brand colour, Bigger Printing conducted colour matching tests before production of the display boards commenced. Ensuring accurate colour, and colour consistency is vital, especially in a project such as this.

By printing directly to the composite boards, rather than printing onto a vinyl and them mounting the vinyl to the composite boards (which is a common production method), Bigger Printing reduced the cost and production time usually associated with a project such as this.

The end result is a series of impactful and informative displays, whilst reflecting and reinforcing the brand’s colour scheme.

We have produced two short video showing how we created the new external display boards for PSU Business Technology. Part 1 provides a quck snap-shot view at the production process, while part 2 provides a quick snap-shot at the installation process of this project.



Commenting on the project, PSU Business Technology Group Graphic Designer, Daniel Jacobs said “It's great to see all the technology that we manage at PSU being shown so vibrantly and clearly on the front of our head office with Bigger Printing's boards. The speed they completed the job was fantastic as well.

For more information on PSU Business Technology Group, please visit their website here.