Super-Sized PVC Banners at NSC

14 super-sized hanging PVC banners inside the sports hall at the National Star College


The Bigger Printing Company has helped to produce and fit 14 super-sized PVC banners as part of a renovation project of National Star’s sports hall. The project is part of a joint venture with Mira Showers who provided a team of volunteers to work with the NSC to design the banners.

The volunteers from Mira Showers created the designs for the banners focusing on the brand identity of National Star, in addition to creating imagery and text content that reflected the values of National Star and its students.

In order to cover the walls around the perimeter of the sports hall with the imagery created by Mira Showers, Bigger Printing used 14 PVC banners, ranging in size from 800mm by 1200mm to 13,700mm by 1300mm. Many of the banners used are around 3.8 metres by 5.3 metres. PVC banners offer a robust, vibrant solution that will withstand wear and tear that could be caused by being used in such an active environment as a sports hall.

Following the installation of the banners, the sports hall now creates a striking impact, reflecting the brand elements and values of National Star, and the activities that the students take part in.

Ryan Kell, Brand Visualisation Manager at Mira Showers commented “Our project to update an old sports hall at the National Star College, definitely had its challenges. With a project of this size, there were many technical considerations when developing a new, engaging environment for both play and learning. From the outset, The Bigger Printing Co. brought the installation expertise, eye for detail and enthusiasm. Needless to say, I was delighted with the finished Sports Hall – a fantastic environment for the students to enjoy for years to come.”

Commenting on the project, David Ellis, Chief Executive at National Star, said “Our sports hall has a true National Star feel, thanks to Mira Showers and The Bigger Printing Company. This fantastic corporate support has made a real improvement to our sports hall.

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