Displays at The King's School

Wall mounted acrylic panels, PVC banners and vinyl wall displays at The King's School, Gloucester


The Bigger Printing Company has helped The King's School, Gloucester, with a large project to update the internal and external display graphics around the school. This project included a variety of graphic displays including wall mounted acrylic panels, external PVC banners, printed frosted effect window vinyl displays, and additional wall mounted displays.

Making a large impact on a popular route near the school are two eye-catching external PVC banners measuring 8 metres by 1.4 metres. These PVC banners offer a robust yet vibrant external display method to advertise forthcoming open days at the school.

Wall mounted acrylics displays vary in size and purpose around the school. Small acrylic displays at 500mm by 360mm act as internal signage. Large wall mounted acrylic panels measure 900mm by 1200mm and contain imagery of various sporting activities, as well as some of the extracurricular activities the school provides. All of the acrylic panels have been reverse-printed on to the back of the clear acrylic and the graphics have been backed in white ink. Printing on to the back of the acrylic panels protects the print from any damage, and the white ink provides colour density and consistency to the print.

A printed frosted effect using a mixture of CMYK and white ink has been produced to cover several windows, some including the school’s crest. Printing the frosted vinyl allows for the density of the frosted effect to be specified, and the intricate crest can be produced easily without any possible damaged that could be caused to any small elements during the production and installation processes.

A very interesting large wall mounted display measuring 3.7 metres by 1.2 metres was also produced. This wall display depicts the history of The King’s School, from 1072 to the present day.

Commenting on the project, The King’s School Marketing Executive Emily Vandervell said “We were delighted with the service we had from Bigger Printing on these projects, their knowledge and expertise were invaluable when it came to looking at which signage options would work best for us. We are very happy with the results, the new displays are brilliant.

For more information on The King’s School, please visit their website here.