Kensington Flexible Curve Stand

The Bigger Printing Company & Factor 3 combine to create Kensington Estate Agent's first exhibition display

Kensington Flexible Curve exhibition stand


When designing a large exhibition stand for specialist mortgage provider Kensington, Cheltenham marketing agency Factor 3 turned to The Bigger Printing Company for some guidance to guarantee the stand would maximise its impact, whilst being very flexible in its use. Factor 3 visited Bigger Printing’s showroom to explore the numerous exhibition stand hardware options to ensure that the perfect system was chosen.

The exhibition stand would need to be separated into different sections, and the shape / arrangement of the sections would need to be flexible so the layout could be altered. Factor 3 took advantage of the Curve display system as this display system offers very large graphic areas (14 stands over 2 meters high by 850mm wide were used), as well as smaller flexible panels that can be curved to allow the whole system to change shape. Smaller end cap panels were also used to provide flat, right-angle edges where appropriate.

Bigger Printing provided Factor 3 with a layout template for the whole stand to aid the design process. Once the design was finished, and production had been completed, Bigger Printing ran through a pre-build with Factor 3 and Kensington to ensure that everyone knew how the stand’s hardware fitted together and how to transport the hardware and graphics safely, making the build at the exhibition easy.

Commenting on the project, Senior Account Executive, Gemma Sims said “This was the first time that Kensington have exhibited before and so real flexibility was needed for the stand so that it could be reconfigured for each event now and the in the future, depending on the size of the space available. The Curve display system was a perfect match for our brief; the panels were big enough to house content on panels individually as well as collectively to create walls and sections within our 6x6m stand space. I particularly like the easy to assemble nature of the display system and I am confident that my client will get a lot of use out it. I really enjoyed working with Bigger Printing on this project and at every stage my contact Jon was there to help. Due to the limited budget, I was not able to have Bigger Printing do the build up and take down. Instead they created fail safe guidelines and packaged up the hardware and graphics in such a way that enabled novices like my client and I to set the system up ourselves in no time at all. A really great project to work on and I will definitely use Bigger Printing again!

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