Journey Office Graphics

Creative printed office graphics utalising white ink for Journey – the UK’s leading hotel marketing agency


The Bigger Printing Company has helped Journey – the UK’s leading hotel marketing agency - update its internal and external office branding by producing a range of impactful printed displays utilising white ink, Foamex, vinyl and clear acrylic.

With a wealth of marketing experience within the hospitality industry, Journey work tirelessly to improve the performance of their client’s marketing, PR and brand. Journey specialise in attracting more guests, securing more direct bookings, and generating more revenue for hotels around the world.

When planning the new displays of their Head Office, Journey naturally took an incredibly creative and innovative approach. Taking inspiration from the ‘journey’ people take when visiting hotels around the world, Journey designed a pair of large ‘Arrivals’ and ‘Departures’ boards which would be mounted to the main wall within the office.

Each ‘Arrivals’ and ‘Departures’ boards were produced from powder-coated black tray signs with 5mm black foamex attached to the front, and each measure over 1.8 metres by 1.5 metres. As the designs for these boards were printed directly to the black foamex which were then applied to the sign trays, spot white ink was printed first, and then CMYK print was printed directly on top of the white ink. This print process ensured the colour vibrancy and accuracy of the CMYK print (thanks to the under-layer of the white ink providing the base layer white surface), while the design still utilised the rich, dense nature of the back foamex.

Seven wall-mounted acrylics showing the different accreditations Journey has been awarded were also included within this project. The designs for these displays were printed on the reverse of clear acrylic using white ink and CMYK, and attached to the wall using stand-offs to provide a polished and high-end finish.

Finally, Bigger Printing produced a range of printed vinyl displays for the main entrance / front gate. These displays included a map of the site, as well as information on where to find various companies on the site.

Commenting on the project, Journey Office Manager, Charlie Heavey said “We were impressed with the turn-around and quality of our new signage, it's brilliant to have contractors who deliver in buckets (or very prompt truckloads)!

For more information on Journey, please visit their website here.