H.R. Owen Bentley Wall Display Boards

H.R. Owen Bentley continues its relationship with Bigger Printing when updating the showroom by installing wall displays


When H.R. Owen Bentley Cheltenham needed to update its wall mounted display boards with images of newer Bentley models, they called large format print specialist The Bigger Printing Company. Over the years, Bigger Printing has assisted Bentley Cheltenham with numerous projects, including signage, wall displays and window displays.

Bentley Cheltenham supplied the studio at Bigger Printing with a range of raw images to enlarge and crop, ready to be approved before production commenced. The studio at Bigger Printing also checked through the images to ensure that if chosen for production, they would be of high enough quality.

As the wall mounted displays are rather large (over 3 metres wide by over 1.5 metres high), it was important to ensure that when enlarged, the supplied images would retain enough quality. Any images that became pixelated were discounted from being chosen.

Once the final images had been chosen, the studio at Bigger Printing needed to replace the blank number plates that the cars had been photographed with, with the famous Bentley number plate ‘1 WO’.

The images were printed onto 5mm foamex display board, providing a rigid display solution, whilst also being lightweight, perfect for wall mounted displays. The displays were finished with a matt finish, reducing glare that may be caused by lighting.

Stephan Plant, ‪General Sales Manager at H.R. Owen Bentley Cheltenham said “Bigger Printing is always a pleasure to deal with from design brief through to the timely delivery. I have had the privilege of working with Sebastian and his team on number of projects over the past 12 years and each time the quality and efficiency have been impeccable and is a company that I would wholly recommend.”‬‬‬‬‬‬

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