Holland Cooper Wall Display

Printing and installing a 6.7m by 3.6m super-sized magnetic display for British luxury clothing brand Holland Cooper


When luxury British made tweed clothing designers and creators Holland Cooper required a new series of wall displays inside their head office, they approached The Bigger Printing Company to provide an innovative approach to the project.

Holland Cooper, established in 2008 by designer Jade Holland Cooper is a brand so synonymous with British luxury it is recognised instantly in its use of the most superior Scottish woven tweed and wool, combined with the finest suede and leather offering luxury tailoring for both men and women.

Inside the entrance to the head office, Holland Cooper looked to create a space for a super-sized wall mural which would show a key promotional image from the company’s current clothing line. The display area measures just over 6.7m by 3.6m. This wall mural would be changed twice a year, reflecting the two lines launched each year by Holland Cooper.

In order for the wall mural to be changed twice annually easily, Bigger Printing took an innovative approach to the print method and installation process. It was key that this approach not only reduced costs and installation time when the design is changed, but also ensures the wall is not damaged each during each installation which is a possibility with traditional wallpaper or wall mounted display boards.

In order to ensure a painless installation with no damage to the wall, Bigger Printing presented a magnetic solution to Holland Cooper. By creating a magnetic surface directly on the wall, a magnetic material could be easily applied to the wall, and easily removed – without damaging the wall while keeping repeat installation costs and time down to a minimum.

The finished result is a super-sized wall mural which makes a big impact on all visitors to the head office, while benefiting Holland Cooper by being easily updateable on a regular basis.

As part of this project, Bigger Printing also produced a large number of framed posters portraying key launches from the company’s past, as well as some of the current line. These have been created in order to show some of the company’s heritage, as well as where they currently are design-wise.