H.R. Owen Bentley Wall Display

H.R. Owen Bentley has once again teamed up with Bigger Printing to decorate their Cheltenham showroom


H.R. Owen Bentley Cheltenham has once again teamed up with The Bigger Printing Company to execute their latest project within their showroom – a wall display exhibiting the Bentley Continental Mulliner Styling Kit. A styling kit provides the car owner with an array of options to customise and personalise the car to individual tastes.

The styling kit wall display consists of an exterior styling kit which has been meticulously handcrafted and features a patterned, black carbon fibre weave being fixed to the wall. Alongside the styling kit, a grey cast vinyl outline of a car’s framework and vinyl descriptive text has been positioned to outline the possibilities afforded by the styling kit.

The styling kit was positioned onto the wall first to display exactly what space would be available for the descriptive text, and then the styling kit was partially removed for vinyl install as some of the car’s chassis framework needed to sit underneath part of the styling kit. The grey cast vinyl was specifically chosen to reflect the Bentley brand, whilst providing high contrast to the wall which the display is mounted onto.

Commenting on the project, H.R. Owen General Manager Craig Davison said “various requests to see the work completed in different colours was never an issue, nothing was too much trouble. Bigger Printing supplied a visual proof every time before we finally made a decision. As always, a great job well done.

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