White Ink Displays at Green Gourmet

Producing a series creative and innovative internal branding displays for healthy food producer Green Gourmet


When industry leading healthy food producer Green Gourmet were planning on updating their internal branding at their headquarters in Gloucestershire, they contacted the large format print specialists, The Bigger Printing Company.

As Green Gourmet create healthy food brands, and take an innovative approach to this process, their branding displays needed to reflect this identity. Taking advantage of the advanced white ink printing techniques and artwork set-up services available at Bigger Printing, Green Gourmet designed several impactful designs which took advantage of some non-standard print materials, including black PVC, and plywood.

In order to produce these displays, the Studio at Bigger Printing worked on the files during the Pre-Production stage to ensure the white ink requirements of these displays were set-up correctly. Without the white ink being set-up specifically as required, the displays would not reproduce as intended - either some colours would be too dark, too bright, or completely lost. This process therefore provided Green Gourment with complete control over colour density, and how much of the base material is visable.

As well as these bespoke solutions, Bigger Printing also produced large displays to cover a boardroom table for a specific meeting, as well as a food service bar in Green Gourmet’s hi-tech development and food preparation area.

Commenting on the project, Green Gourmet Graphic Designer Nigel Whitehouse said “From the initial concept and briefing stage of the project, it seemed a no-brainer to me that The Bigger Printing Company would play an important role in bringing this creative to life. Our initial meeting was insightful and forward thinking, and I was introduced (by Seb) to some stunning new printing processes which had me hooked. The finish of the plywood and the black PVC was so impactful and helped the brands really stand-out, also the table graphics were installed in super quick time to such a high standard. The staff at Green Gourmet felt energised and very proud of the new designs on display. I have been a big fan of The Bigger Printing Company for a long time and I would recommend their services/processes and advice to any business looking to make an innovative visual impact – that really works.

For more information on Green Gourmet, please visit their website here.