Interactive Wall at Green Gourmet

Printing and installing a fully interactive, magnetic wall display at leading healthy food producer Green Gourmet


When industry leading healthy food producer Green Gourmet planned to create a fully interactive wall space for strategic planning inside their headquarters in Gloucestershire, they called the large format print specialists, The Bigger Printing Company.

Following on from the recent project in which Bigger Printing produced internal branding displays for Green Gourmet, Bigger Printing were tasked to produce an interactive wall which would allow the team at Green Gourmet to add and remove elements are required, as well as allow for the whole design to be changed and updated quickly and cleanly if required.

Green Gourmet creates dynamic and healthy eating food brands and supplies a large range of Farm Assured and Red Tractor Accredited meat, poultry, MSC and MCS fish, vegetarian, organic, gluten free and bakery products for the food service markets.

In order to make the wall space fully interactive, Bigger Printing magnetised the entire wall space, then printed directly onto specialist materials with magnetic properties to produce not only the main design for the wall space, but also large bespoke, individual magnets which the team at Green Gourmet can position on the wall as desired.

As the entire wall has been magnetised, it will be very easy and clean for Bigger Printing to replace the main wall graphic should Green Gourmet wish to do so at any stage – much cleaner than traditional wallpaper or wall mounted display panels. The individual magnetic elements which sit on top of the wall design can also be re-designed – providing the team at Green Gourmet with a thoroughly interactive, and future-proof wall space.

Commenting on the project, Green Gourmet Graphic Designer Nigel Whitehouse said “Another large format project was brainstormed and again – Bigger Printing were my go-to team to help. This time a large part of our office wall needed transformed into an interactive magnetic wall where team members could communicate financial figures, targets, news, as well as fun things such as birthdays, individual staff characters and food of course! The wall has been a complete success, and the staff have enjoyed moving the different custom-cut magnets around and it’s been a great focal point to from where to present any information to the whole company. The bigger printing team assembled it in no time at all, the graphics are bold and sharp with a glean free matt finish. The magnetic wall is now inspiring us to extend the graphics throughout the building, making the environment we work in more fun and energized.

For more information on Green Gourmet, please visit their website here.