Flexible Exhibition Stand for Flyte

Designing and producing a flexible, reusable, modular exhibition stand for Flyte Clean Energy Drinks


Ahead of attending a series of trade and exhibition events, natural and organic drink creators Flyte contacted The Bigger Printing Company for assistance with designing and building a new modular exhibition stand which could be taken from event to event, and change size and shape as required to fit different spaces at different events.

Flyte Clean Energy Drinks is available is four refreshing flavours, and was created as an alternative coffee, and other energy drinks which rely on sugar and chemicals. Flyte provides the health conscious consumer with a genuinely clean energy drink option which both tastes great, and provides a great energy boost. Each bottle contains less than 40kcals, and is powered by organic caffeine from unroasted green coffee beans, in a recyclable glass bottle and carbon positive.

The creators of Flyte gave the design team at Bigger Printing a brief on what impression and feel the stand needed to encompass, and then allowed the design team to explore various possibilities, ensuring that the design allowed the exhibition stand to shrink and grow as required for the upcoming events – as well as future events not currently planned.

Great care was taken with the design to ensure panels could be used seperatly, in pairs, and that the stand could be built as one wall, two walls, or three walls. The panels are also interchangeable, allowing the team at Flyte total control over the stand, ensuring they are able to make best use of the space available at each event. The design of the stand also incorporated a huge 55in TV screen, allowing the stand to further engage its audience with various films.

For more information on Flyte, please visit their website here.