Sinking displays for Factor 3

Flooded floor vinyl and sinking displays for the London Water Matters environment debate at UBM


The Bigger Printing Company has collaborated with Cheltenham design agency Factor 3 on many projects in the past; however, the latest collaboration might have just been the most creative.

Factor 3 tasked Bigger Printing to execute a design concept of a floor space that was to appear to be flooded with murky water, and produce signage that was to appear to be sinking into the water. To make things more interesting, the floor space was between four elevators. The whole display also needed to be installed in one morning (before the office opened), and then removed the same evening (after the office had closed). This presented our install team with two tight deadlines which were crucial to the success of the project, and both deadlines were met - with a little time to spare.

The display was being produced for a Water Matters debate on the 19th floor of UBM’s HQ in London. The debate was hosted by Janet Street-Porter, who quizzed Environment Agency and industry representatives regarding the UK’s readiness to cope with the country’s next big flood.

Factor 3 supplied the Production Team at Bigger Printing with a design concept sketch of the proposed display. The Production Team then devised a plan to produce the various elements the project required in both a practical method for the install, as well as producing the aesthetics that the project required.

The first element produced was the floor vinyl that would generate the illusion that the floor was murky water. As the floor space was between four elevators, the shape of the area to cover was unusual, and it would also have a lot of people walk on top of it. Bigger Printing produced the print on a special floor vinyl with an anti-slip seal to ensure the safety of the event attendees. To ensure the install time was as small as possible, the floor vinyl was produced in several sections, reducing on-site trimming.

The signage elements that needed to sit on top of the floor vinyl needed to be free-standing, and appear to be sinking into the water. These elements were produced on 10mm high density foamboard and shape-cut at different angles to produce the illusion that they were sinking into the water. High density foamboard was chosen as it is a strong but lightweight material, perfect for events such as these where displays need to look solid and heavy, but for safety reasons, remain very lightweight. As event attendees could approach the display from two directions, the signage was produced double-sided, with a correx wedge acting as a support. Lightweight piping was also cut-to-shape by Bigger Printing to add detail to the signage.

Supporting elements such as a flood measuring sign, and window vinyls advertising the entrance to the debate area was also produced.

Commenting on the project, Kay Overbury of Factor 3 said “From our very first meeting, the Bigger Printing team were just as excited about this project as we were. They were able to take our ideas and bring them to life, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. Everything looked amazing!

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