Self-Adhesive Wallpaper at Factor 3

Creative use of self-adhesive wallpaper by Factor 3 in their waiting area - put a hat on!


Last week, The Bigger Printing Company returned to the headquarters of frequent collaborators, Factor 3, to install a new self-adhesive wallpaper display.

Factor 3 is a renowned integrated agency based in Cheltenham, and their projects are incredibly creative and innovative. When it came to adding some internal graphics to their existing internal display (which Bigger Printing produced and installed back in September 2010), they certainly did not disappoint, using self-adhesive wallpaper in a rather interesting way.

Whilst this project involved creating several displays, the main graphic is located in their reception area. Icons representing a variety of hats have been carefully placed on the wall above a sofa, providing the illusion that anyone sitting on the sofa is wearing a hat. With conveniently placed information on the various social media accounts Factor 3 has, people are encouraged to take a photo / selfie and upload it, tagging Factor 3 into the post.

The result is a very creative use of self-adhesive wallpaper; and a fun activity anyone can take part in if they are waiting for an appointment at Factor 3.

Before the installation took place, Bigger Printing matched colours used in the designs to various pantones which were used in the original display back in 2010, and some additions to the display since, ensuring a consistency of brand colour throughout the building.

Following the completion of the install, Kay Overbury of Factor 3 said “Once again the Bigger Printing team instantly understood our requirements, and the end result not only met the high standards Factor 3 expects, but looked amazing as well.

For more information on Factor 3, please visit their website here.