Arch Angelz vinyl wall display

Arch Angelz gets a makeover with a stunning vinyl wall display measuring 3.6 metres by 2.3 metres


When Arch Angelz began to redecorate their Gloucester concession, they called in the experts during the early stages of the project. As well as producing the wall display, The Bigger Printing Company also provided advice with material and finishing recommendations. Once the production method was decided upon, Bigger Printing also offered technical assistance with the artwork to ensure the design was produced at an excellent quality throughout the very large graphic area.

Arch Angelz required a wall measuring 3.6 metres by 2.3 metres to be covered with an eye-catching design to highlight the treatments they offered, as well as highlighting their brand. The concession sits within Gloucester’s large Debenhams store, so a strong, impactful wall display was essential to highlight the concession. The design would also need to avoid a large mirror situated in the middle of the wall that is used regally by the Arch Angelz staff.

Bigger Printing worked alongside the Arch Angelz design team to ensure that when the design was produced at full scale, the quality and impact of the design would be preserved. The graphic was printed onto a greyback vinyl with a protective matt seal applied to help preserve the wall display, whilst not over reflecting the studio’s lights.

The finished, impressive wall display transforms the whole area of the concession, providing an eye-catching centre point for the concession, whilst still reflecting the brand and highlighting the available treatments. The images above show the ‘before’ and ‘after’ appearance of the concession.

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