Eye-catching NUK exhibition stand

The Bigger Printing Company takes great pleasure in producing the vibrant NUK exhibition stand designed by Cellar Door

Eye-catching NUK Exhibition Stand


The Bigger Printing Company enjoy nothing more than producing great design, such as the vibrant NUK exhibition stand designed by Cellar Door.

NUK are an industry leading producer of essential products for newborn babies through to young children; such as bottles, sterilisers and soothers. The exhibition stand therefore needed to reflect a highly professional and trusted brand, as well as including fun and playful elements.

Cellar Door had designed an exhibition stand for NUK measuring 8m wide, by 2.5m high, which incorporated shelves for products, a TV display, a counter, as well as areas for graphics and brand information. Due to the nature of the stand’s design, a variety of materials would need to be used to complete the project.

Most of the stand was created out of PVC, ensuring the stand would be easy to build on site at the exhibition. As well as providing stability and strength, PVC could also be shape cut for the required apertures such as the one required for the TV. The shelf toppers were created out of box board as this material can be creased as well as shape cut to provide extra detail to the shelves. Additional areas of the stand were created using shape cut vinyl elements.

Duncan Parkes, Director of Cellar Door commented “I contacted Bigger Printing during the development stage of this project to help identify the spec and structure of the stand. Their knowledge and direction was critical to allow me to proceed with a very clear creative process and not face any complications taking concept to production. The finish of the boards was to such a professional level that it allowed us to install and build the stand without any complications, giving a fluid and vibrant presence that really stood out.

For more information on Cellar Door, please visit www.cellardoorcreative.co.uk