The Cheltenham Literature Festival

Great discoveries at The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival on the children's outside Discovery Trail


The Bigger Printing Company are keen supporters of local projects, so they were delighted to produce a series of posters for the Education team at Cheltenham Literature Festival.

The festival organisers asked Bigger Printing to design and print 7 B2 outdoor posters for a children’s ‘Discovery Trail’ around the Literature Festival. The trail was sponsored by Dean Close Prep School.

The idea of the trail was to introduce children to the characters from 6 different books by authors appearing at the Festival. Each child followed the discovery trail, armed with a series of questions, with the aim of finding the answers within the posters.

The trail was a highly visual experience that used colours instead of numbers to help the children locate each poster. Bigger Printing’s design team worked hard to produce posters that would appeal to children, but also be easy to read; using simple designs with minimal effects.

Bigger Printing printed the posters onto 4mm fluted board (the same material that’s used in ‘For Sale’ signs) as it’s lightweight, strong and weatherproof.

Commenting on the posters, Rebecca Warren says: “We were delighted with the trail. It contributed to a great, buzzy atmosphere at the Festival. The posters were colourful and eye-catching, and hordes of children gathered around them, eager to answer the questions.