Eye-Catching Backlit Bar Display

Cantilever Bars uses white ink to create an eye-catching backlit bar display for Martin Miller's Gin


The Bigger Printing Company have always enjoyed a challenge, and that’s exactly what they got when bespoke bar designers Cantilever Bars asked them to achieve a specific printing effect. The project brief was to provide a printed backlit panel which would not only display a vibrant design once illuminated, but at the same time would allow areas to be either non illuminated, or show a gradual illumination across a seamless graphic.

Bigger Printing achieved this using two acrylic backlit panels, digital full colour print, and the very clever use of white ink using both solid and graduated effects.

The effect when the LED lights were switched on was truly amazing; the graphic was very striking and brought the whole bar to life.

This project was technically challenging, and required the artwork to be set-up in a very specific way. Bigger Printing advised Cantilever Bars throughout the project to ensure that the artwork was suitable to create the desired effects. Commenting on the project, In-house Creative at Bigger Printing, David Bowen said “This was a great project to be involved in due to the complex use of white ink to provide such a highly impactful display. White ink provides such freedom in terms of what we can print to and what effects can be achieved, and when it is used creatively, it can produce such eye-catching displays!

This project was fairly technical to create, and Cantilever Bars were great in accommodating what we required to make sure this project was viable. We were really proud with the final result. The bar looked absolutely great when it was fully finished and it had the light source behind it.”

Caroline Craven from Cantilever Bars said “We love working with Bigger Printing as they find ways to produce the exact look & feel we want and we were thrilled with the final panels which illuminate in a subtle way with highlights of lit colour – a stunning finish.