Contra VisionĀ® at The GWH

External window displays using Contra Vision® at The Great Western Hospital in Swindon, for Brighter Futures


Following a large window display project last year, The Bigger Printing Company has been back at The Great Western Hospital in Swindon to help Brighter Futures update some internal signage and external window displays around the hospital.

Following the success of the large atrium window displays project of 2015, Brighter Futures asked Bigger Printing to produce and install external window displays at the Brunel Reception, The Coffee Shop and the bus stop areas, as well as internal signage around the Brighter Futures office at the hospital. Before the install could commence, the install team removed the existing displays and prepared the areas for the new graphics.

The new displays needed to provide Brighter Futures’ vibrant brand colours across a range of materials, and in some instances allow a high level of light to pass through. As the window displays at The Coffee Shop are large, it would be easy to block out too much light by using conventional vinyl, making the area rather dark and unappealing, whilst also blocking the view of the public inside The Coffee Shop. Also, people waiting at the bus stop needed to be able to see through the window display to see approaching buses.

The top window displays at The Coffee Shop were produced on conventional high grade external vinyl and protected with a gloss seal to provide a vibrant, weatherproof solution as these windows are at a height where the view of the public isn't blocked.

The large window (measuring 1.7 metres by 1.4 metres) containing the Brighter Futures logo in the artwork was produced on Contra Vision® - allowing the public inside The Coffee Shop to see outside thanks to the nature of this material. The bus stop window display was also produced on Contra Vision®, and measured 1.2 metres by 1.1 metres. Contra Vision® is a popular window display material as it is a one-way material (you can see through it from one side but not the other), making it perfect for glass areas where the display needs to be seen from one side, but not the other. For more information on Contra Vision®, please click here.

The internal signage around the Brighter Futures office was produced on 3mm PVC foamex and the signs varied in size, up to 3 metres by 1.8 metres. 3mm PVC foamex is lightweight but robust material, ideal to be mounted to walls for wall displays and signage.

Commenting on the project, Head of Fundraising at Brighter Futures, Jennifer Green said “The new signage outside our office and the window graphics have really helped to raise awareness of our charity and our appeal here at the Hospital.

For more information on Brighter Futures, please visit their website here.