New Retail Unit Window Displays

Vibrant vinyl window displays for new retail units at The Brewery Quarter ahead of the new tenants moving in


January has certainly been a busy period for The Bigger Printing Company at The Brewery Quarter. Along with the recently produced & installed hoarding wall displays, Bigger Printing has also produced window vinyl displays around various locations of the newly expanded site.

As part of the £30 million regeneration scheme for the lower High Street, The Brewery Quarter has been expanding, adding a number of new units for a range of entertainment and food brands to join the current line up at the site.

Now the majority of the external building work has been completed, some of the newly built retail units have required vinyl displays to cover up the windows, while the interior building work commences.

These displays range in size from 3.5 metres by 2.1 metres, to 15 metres by 2.7 metres for the largest unit front. During the production process, each window display was divided and produced ready for each individual window, and finished with an external matt protection seal. The external matt protection seal provides each print with an additional layer of protection from the elements, as well as providing an eye-catching aesthetic which doesn’t reflect too much light, allowing for maximum graphic visibility.

Following the completion of the install, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Brewery Cheltenham, Demelsa Coleman said “The Bigger Printing Company as always produced the work promptly and had it fitted super quickly. They were on a tight deadline - on top of having to work around other contractors – but the team worked hard to make sure it was up in good time. As always we were delighted with the standard of finish.

For more information on The Brewery Quarter, please visit their website here.