Office Wall Graphics For BPE Solicitors

Bigger Printing and The Design Sanctuary team up to produce new wall graphics for BPE Solicitors


As BPE Solicitors continued their recent expansion into a new office in Stonehouse, they called upon The Bigger Printing Company to provide a range of eye-catching wall displays. This new office in Stonehouse sits alongside BPE’s head office in Cheltenham, as well as offices in London, Cirencester, Bristol and Oxfordshire.

Cheltenham based design studio The Design Sanctuary provided a collection of wall display designs that would be utilised in different areas of the new office. The designs created by The Design Sanctuary cleverly drew upon imagery of the area local to Stonehouse, along with images of clients and people associated with BPE. Clean use of typography also featured heavily throughout the collection of designs.

The wall displays were produced on a mixture of grey-back vinyl and self-adhesive wallpaper. The grey-back vinyl displays consisted of printed and shape-cut typography designs. Inside the text of the typography designs are images of people associated with BPE. Designs flooding across office walls were printed onto self-adhesive wallpaper, with the largest wall display measuring over 7 metres wide. Self-adhesive wallpaper is the perfect solution for a large wall display as it does not require any additional paste, making it clean and simple to install. It can be repositioned if required, or if the design needs to be altered, it can be removed without leaving a mess behind on the wall.

Jamie Rudd from The Design Sanctuary was present during the installation to help Bigger Printing’s installation team with any questions they may have had on site, and provide sign-off on the location of the displays before they were applied to the walls.

Speaking after the installation, Jamie Rudd, Art Director at The Design Sanctuary said “It's always a bit nerve racking producing large scale office decals as everything needs to be precisely measured and older buildings pose a bit of a threat for straight edges! The guys at Bigger Printing were on hand to settle those nerves and the end result looks great, transforming an already great space into an inspiring brand lead working environment. Big thanks!”

Claire Hattrick, ‪Marketing Manager at BPE‬ Solicitors said “We wanted to create an environment that helped our Stonehouse based staff and visitors understand the essence of the BPE culture, which is all about Building Relationships and Communities. Jamie, along with Bigger Printing created a fantastic environment in which to do this the office looks fantastic and Bigger Printing did a great job.”‬‬‬

For further information of BPE Solicitors, please visit their website here.

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