Displays at Birdland Park & Gardens

Vibrant, practical, weatherproof outdoor display at Birdland Park & Gardens for the Penguin area


When Birdland Park & Gardens decided to create a vast informative outdoor display in the Penguin area of the park, they came to The Bigger Printing Company, specialists in large format displays.

The display needed to be very large as the display was designed to be taller than the average person and wide enough to allow groups of people to look at the information at the same time. In addition to its size, the display needed to be weatherproof as it will be outside permanently, and it needed to be cleaned easily without damaging the print.

Birdland Park & Gardens, often called Birdland, is a wildlife park in Bourton-on-the-Water, situated in the Cotswolds. There are around 500 birds represented in more than 50 aviaries, including temperate and desert houses, Discovery and Encounter Zones and the new Jurassic Journey. The park is also home to the only breeding group of King Penguins in the UK.

The display was produced on 3mm thick composite aluminium, and finished with a gloss outdoor seal. Composite aluminium is the perfect material for long-term outdoor displays as it is weatherproof, durable, yet it can be drilled through for fixings so it can be attached to a wall (or a wooden fence). The gloss outdoor seal helps to protect the print further, and allows the display to be cleaned easily, without risking any damage to the print. As the display sits at over 8 metres wide, it was split into 8 sections, allowing for easier transportation and installation.

In addition to the Penguin display, 8 smaller informative displays were also produced onto composite aluminium, and fixed to a single wooden panel, providing guests of the park with information on a range of animals and features of the park.

The final result is a range of outdoor displays that are vibrant, attractive, practical, as well as being able to last the wear and tear that being exposed to the elements could provide.

Commenting on the project, Simon Blackwell of Birdland Park & Gardens said “We have been organising all our signage requirements with Bigger Printing for many years now in conjunction with the designer CDS Publications and can honestly say we have never had a complaint about the standards, production or pricing.

For further information on Birdland Park & Gardens, please visit their website here.