Printing Chalk For The Bierkeller

Printing A0 wall mounted beer menus designed by Corinium Creative for The Bierkeller using just white ink


The Bigger Printing Company has recently produced 5 A0 beer menus for Cheltenham’s latest eatery – The Bierkeller Cheltenham – although there is something unusual about these menus.

The Bierkeller Cheltenham is a central venue with over 200 dining seats providing an authentic Bavarian experience with Biers in Steins, traditional Bavarian snacks including gourmet wurst, pizza and pretzels, all served by servers in classic dress.

When Cheltenham and London based design agency Corinium Creative began planning the design of the beer menus ahead of The Bierkeller’s opening, they approached Bigger Printing in order discuss creative printing options.

The desired final outcome was to produce the menu to appear to be chalk boards – but rather than fake the effect in print, Corinium Creative wanted to use real chalk boards. The problem to overcome was that using real chalk on chalk boards can provide difficulty in the legibility of text when it appears as small as the menus would require. Thanks to the white ink speciality printing that Bigger Printing offers, Corinium Creative were able to use real chalk boards, and achieve the desired finish to the text to ensure the menus were easily readable.

Corinium Creative provided Bigger Printing with 5 A0 chalk boards, and a vector file containing the artwork for each of the 5 menus. Bigger Printing isolated all of the vector information in the artwork and printed the artwork using only white ink – directly to the supplied chalk boards.

By printing directly to the actual chalk boards, the overall aesthetic of the menus is exactly spot on - including how the light reflects off the boards, the texture and the colour of the edges of the menu. Printing using white ink provides a strong contrast to the black background the boards naturally provide, whilst providing uniformity to the legible text. This overall aesthetic would simply not be possible without the capability of white ink printing.

Commenting on the project, Josh Bunting, Creative Director of Corinium Creative said “This was an interesting one to work on. We’re always excited to take on projects with opportunity to exploit the joys of modern print technology, and as expected with Bigger Printing the result was stunning. Pin sharp, whilst keeping the textures and reflections synonymous with traditional pub blackboards. Likewise, we were running to a very tight deadline & as always BP provided 100% reliability allowing a smooth project for all involved – tip top, thanks to Seb & Co.

For more information on Corinium Creative please visit their website here.

For more information on The Bierkeller Cheltenham, please visit their website here.