Aston Martin Window Graphics

Launching the new Aston Martin DB11 model with printed and cast vinyl window displays


The Bigger Printing Company’s long-standing relationship with H.R. Owen shows no signs of slowing down as Bigger Printing has just produced and installed two large printed window displays, and cut text vinyl signage for H.R. Owen Aston Martin Cheltenham.

H.R. Owen Aston Martin Cheltenham required two large vinyl displays to advertise the new Aston Martin DB11 model which is released shortly.

The showroom’s windows are very large and the displays needed to cover the full widths of the windows, although leaving some space at the top for natural light to still flood into the showroom. The design of the display includes very subtle changes in shades of black between the car and the background; therefore H.R. Owen Aston Martin needed a printer capable of producing large format displays with such subtle touches to ensure that the DB11 was still visible.

As the window displays were to be applied to the outside face of the windows, the display was produced on grey back vinyl, and sealed with a gloss seal to provide both an impactful and weather proof solution.

The largest window measured over 7.9 metres wide by just over 2 metres high; while the second window measured over 4.9 metres wide by just over 2 metres high.

Aside from the two full print window displays, Bigger Printing also produced directional signage for the showroom’s entrance using shape-cut text and arrows, as well as producing the famous Aston Martin logo in cast vinyl. The cut text was produced very large (measuring 4 metres wide by 650mm high) and placed towards the top of the window to ensure maximum visibility.

Commenting on the project, H.R. Owen General Manager Stephan Plant said “Once again, Bigger Printing has produced a fantastic display for us. Even in tough weather conditions, their install team ensured the display reflected the standards demanded by our brand.”

For more information on H.R. Owen Aston Martin, please visit their website here.