Acrylic Displays at Cream Hairdressing

Maximising the impact of large acrylic displays with white ink at Cream Hairdressing in Cheltenham


The Bigger Printing Company has been busy helping Cream to update its Cheltenham salon with several wall-mounted clear acrylic displays, and a printed etch-effect vinyl window display. The acrylic displays were reverse-printed onto the back of the clear acrylic panels, and then the panels were flooded with a layer of white ink to provide a density and vibrancy to the CMYK print. By reverse printing to the clear acrylic, the graphic is protected from any potential damage as the print is on the back of the panel, and this also provides an appealing high-sheen finish, fitting in with the salon’s vibrant décor.

Next to the drinks area of the salon, a printed etch-effect window vinyl displays the range of drinks available. Originally, this window display was considered as a cut etch-effect vinyl display; however, due to the size and intricate nature of the text used within the display, cutting etch-effect vinyl was not a viable solution. Using a mixture of white ink, and a CMYK print, Bigger Printing replicated etch-effect vinyl, and then the text areas of the display were left unprinted, providing the effect of a cut etch-effect vinyl. This display was also reverse printed to provide the same aesthetic finish as the clear acrylic displays.

Commenting on the project, Managing Director of Cream, Scott Smurthwaite said “Once we decided on adding some new wall displays to the Cheltenham Salon, we knew that Bigger Printing was the right company to work with. Having used them in the past, we knew that they would be able to achieve the results we required. It’s essential that we create the right environment inside our salons, and these new acrylics are a key part of that process. We are thrilled with the acrylic panels, and we were very impressed with the finish Bigger Printing was able to achieve with the printed etch-effect vinyl for our drinks area. It is also tremendously satisfying to be able to continue to develop a great relationship with a local business."

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