A Creative Office Design For Red Central

Red Central's studio and boardroom gets a new face with self-adhesive wallpaper and frosted vinyl


When Red Central made the decision to redecorate their studio and boardroom, they called in the experts to help achieve a stunning result. As a design studio in Bath, Red Central needed its office space to reflect the company’s creative nature and approach to design. After creating the designs for the redecoration, Red Central decided on using a mixture of Bigger Printing’s self-adhesive wallpaper, and frosted vinyl to bring some vibrancy and impact into their creative space.

A large wall was covered with very impactful design on self-adhesive wallpaper as this material is quickly and easily applied, and leaves no residue when removed - making it perfect for office wall spaces.

Various windows and doors around the studio and boardroom had very detailed frosted vinyl displays installed. Taking advantage of the precise cutting equipment at Bigger Printing, Red Central created intricate designs to be weeded out and then applied to the windows. The finished effect is a highly impressive window display that reflects the company’s artistic spirit, and attention to detail.

Commenting on the project, Head of Creative, Alan Guest said “I was very impressed with the professional level of service, communication and attention to detail, in short, these guys nailed it and we love the end result!

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