120 Metres of Hoarding Panels

Huge run of colourful, weather proof hoarding panels produced and installed at The Brewery


If you have been in the centre of Cheltenham recently, you will have noticed that The Brewery is undergoing some changes. During September 2014, a £30 million regeneration scheme for the Lower High Street began, and The Bigger Printing Company has worked with The Brewery to produce a large run of graphic hoarding panels for this project.

As part of this project, hoarding panels were required in and around The Brewery, as well as along the Lower High Street to help seal off areas required for construction, and to provide information to the public about the project – and what can be expected in the future. The regeneration scheme is expected to take two years to complete, and all of the businesses such as IMAX Cineworld, Fitness First and Hollywood Bowl will remain open during this time. When the project is finished, the regeneration scheme will provide a new 104 bed hotel, 34 town centre apartments and retain units.

The Brewery required a print supplier capable of printing the size of the hoarding panels (most panels measure 8ft by 4ft), ensuring colour consistency of the throughout the large print run, and providing an installation service that complied with strict Highways Agency rules and regulations due to the location of the hoarding display. Bigger Printing produced over 120 metres of weather proof, colourful hoarding panels for this project in total. Due to the design of the area that the hoarding panels cover, the size of the individual hoarding panels vary, although all stand just less than 2.5 metres high. As well as being weather proof, the hoarding panels have been finished with an anti-graffiti seal to help protect the panels from the elements, and any potential damage.

Commenting on the project, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Brewery Cheltenham, Demelsa Coleman said “It was great to work with The Bigger Printing Company yet again. The team were extremely attentive throughout the whole process, carrying out a thorough assessment of what we needed and what the challenges were prior to install. The job itself was tricky due to a number of issues outside of our control but the Bigger Printing Company remained calm and helpful throughout the whole process. We’re extremely grateful to Jon for his ongoing commitment to ensuring we’re happy with what’s been done; we’re delighted with the result!

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