Reach your audience with eye-catching billboards


Bespoke size outdoor billboard posters

We can produce billboard posters to fit any size, ranging from smaller bus shelters to full-size fixed billboard frames. Our outdoor billboard posters are printed onto blue backed paper and are designed to complement the industry standard adhesives. We are able to produce industry standard sizes such as 6-sheet and 64-sheet posters, however, we also often produce custom sizes as outdoor prints are often required to fit within personalised spaces. We can alter the width of our drops to suit your artwork, providing seamless poster displays.

Paper to withstand the elements

Blue back poster paper is the industry standard outdoor poster solution as it is light, resists tearing, and obscures the images underneath it thanks to its blue backing. Blue back poster paper is also water resistant, and is easy to install. If blue back poster paper is not suitable for your requirements, we can also use 220mic PVC as an outdoor poster solution as this is completely waterproof, and slightly tougher than blue back poster paper. This solution is more appropriate for displays that are more exposed, or need to last longer.

High quality outdoor poster printing

Thanks to our range of Arizona printers, outdoor poster prints are extremely durable without compromising on colour vibrancy. Eye-catching billboards are powerful marketing and advertising tools that can be accommodated into most project budgets, and deliver your message to a huge audience that would be otherwise difficult to reach. When creating artwork for outdoor prints, please remember that your audience might be on the move when viewing your designs, or they might only see your designs for a short period of time. Ensure your designs are clean, clear, and your message is quickly understood. If you require any assistance from our billboard poster printing studio, we are here to help. Please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01242 528868 to discuss your outdoor billboard poster print requirements.