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In an industry that's constantly on the move, we make it our job to keep up with all the latest trends in large format print; making sure that we always produce the best results, while continuing to meet both your print and budgeting needs. Here are some of our most popular products, meeting a range of solution requirements, for both indoor and outdoor large format printing.

Popular products and print solutions can vary for different times of the year, such as during 'exhibition season', roll-up banners, Twist displays and exhibition stand solutions are very popular. Closer to events such as Christmas and Easter, paper posters and PVC banners tend to become very popular.

This page is updated often, reflecting what print solutions we are currently producing for our clients.

A product that is popular all year, is our self-adhesive wallpaper. Self-adhesive wallpaper is unlike traditional wallpaper that requires an additional paste to be applied to the wall, it is closer to a vinyl sticker that has a backing ready to be peeled away to reveal the adhesive. As there is no requirement for an additional paste, our wallpaper does not leave a mess during the install, and can be repositioned or removed if required, again, without leaving a mess on the wall. Large wall art murals can be created by printing several drops of wallpaper, creating huge, seamless wall displays. Self-adhesive wallpaper is perfect for offices, exhibitions, receptions, factories, hotels, and just about everywhere else. For further information, please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..