Work Experience - Bethan

Student Bethan worked at The Bigger Printing Company as part of the Balcarras School Work Experience Program

Work experience week at Bigger Printing 2013


Last week, Year 10 student Bethan (pictured above with the roll-up banner she designed) worked within the Design and Marketing department at The Bigger Printing Company as part of the Balcarras School Work Experience Program. Bethan spent the week working alongside David (In-house Creative at Bigger Printing), creating and checking client artwork, as well completing her very own design project.

On her first day, Bethan was given an understanding of the digital print process, as well as how to design for large format print. On her second day, Bethan was given her own project – to design a roll-up banner. To challenge Bethan further, she was asked to design the roll-up banner in Adobe Illustrator, software she had no experience of prior to the work placement. After developing the design concept, Bethan sketched out initial ideas and presented them to David. David assisted when required to help with any technical aspects of the design process, but this was Bethan’s project.

Bethan chose to design her roll-up banner to advertise the Balcarras School Orchestra. Once the design was finished, Bethan was shown how print-ready files are processed, and she observed every stage of the production process.

Speaking at the end of the week, David commented “Bethan was a great student to have for the week. She worked very hard, had some great ideas, and Bethan was able to create a really polished design. I think the design for the roll-up banner is very impactful and has a wonderful style. Designing for large format print can be technically challenging at the best of times, but to do it for the first time in a new piece of software is very impressive. I think Bethan can be very proud of what she has achieved this week.”

Looking back on her work placement, Bethan commented “My week with The Bigger Printing Company has been very exciting and I have enjoyed every day I have spent here. Everyone has been very supportive and friendly.

During the week I learnt a great deal about printing and design which I knew very little about before and I found it really interesting to find out how the business worked from design to printing, and the things they have to take into consideration before the final printing stage. As well as this, I have learnt a range of new skills when designing a banner for my school with the help of David on Adobe Illustrator, and how to take my design from paper and create it on the computer using various tools. At the end of the week I got to see my banner being printed, laminated and cut which was amazing and I was really happy with the end result. All of the skills I have learnt this week will be very helpful to me in the future if I ever wanted a job to do with design and I would recommend this work experience placement to anyone!”.