Work Experience - Jannik

Student visiting the National Star College completes work experience program at The Bigger Printing Company


Over the last two weeks, The Bigger Printing Company has enjoyed having a new member of the team – Jannik. A student visiting the National Star College on a work experience program, Jannik joined the team at Bigger Printing to expand on his knowledge of the printing industry, and complete a design project.

Originally from Vinzenz-von-Paul Berufskolleg College in Aachen, Germany, Jannik spent a total of 6 weeks in England at National Star, arriving as part of a program to develop his already impressive English language skills, and gain work experience in the printing / design industry.

Over his time at Bigger Printing, Jannik was given an insight into how an array of large format print solutions are produced, as well as completing a design project of his own. Jannik was given the opportunity to design a roll-up banner on a subject of his choice, and take it away with him after his work experience had concluded. Jannik chose to design a roll-up banner to advertise his blog, a satire look at life with disability.

Arriving at Bigger Printing with a sound knowledge of the Adobe applications, Jannik was able to make an immediate start on his project. Using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, Jannik created print-ready artwork in a limited time, ready for the production process. Throughout the design process, Jannik had support from David, the Head of Marketing and Operations at Bigger Printing to ensure he was able to achieve the finished look he envisioned.

Jannik assisted with the pre-production of his finalised artwork, helped with the proofing of the artwork, and observed every stage of the production process. Once production was complete, Jannik took away his roll-up banner to use back in Germany when promoting his blog.

Commenting on his time at Bigger Printing, Jannik said “My days in “The Bigger Printing Company” were very interesting. I have learned much of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The project (create a logo and a roll-up) were good to help me learn. The staff at Bigger Printing was very welcoming, and a Work Experience which I will never forget. I can only say the work made my staying in England very successful and when I am back in Germany I can say my staying in England was a great part of my life.”

National Star is a Gloucestershire–based national charity committed to realising the aspirations of people with disabilities, enabling them to develop their potential and be in control of their lives. For more information please click here to visit National Star’s website.