Supporting Wild Futures

Joining Stephen Fry to raise awareness regarding Wild Futures’ rescue monkey adoption scheme

Wild Futures roll-up


The Bigger Printing Company have always been staunch supporters of the primate charity, Wild Futures, so they jumped at the chance to help them with a new fundraising campaign, known as Joey’s story.

Joey’s story is a heart-breaking campaign that focuses on the plight of a black-capped capuchin monkey - highlighting the cruelty of keeping primates in captivity. Stephen Fry is the face of the campaign and features throughout Wild Futures’ marketing materials.

With Joey’s story, Wild Futures hope to attract more supporters to their adoption scheme and raise awareness of the lasting damage that keeping monkeys as pets can cause.

This autumn, Wild Futures are using Joey’s story as part of a roadshow that will reach many major cities in the south of England, including Bristol and Plymouth, and go as far afield as Cardiff and Nottingham.

The roadshow will take place in various Lush stores and shopping centres, with Wild Futures using a large roll-up banner from Bigger Printing, to help draw attention to the campaign. The roll-up banner depicts a moving photo of Stephen Fry holding a toy monkey and is intended to provide a provoking backdrop for campaigners, while they talk about the adoption scheme.

Commenting on the support from Bigger Printing, Nicola O’Brien, Fundraising and PR Assistant for Wild Futures, says: “We are very excited to be taking our campaign out on the road and hope to reach as many people as possible and raise awareness of our work. We are being asked weekly at the moment to rescue more monkeys, many of them ex-pets and so fundraising is more vital than ever. We are very grateful to Bigger Printing for their continued support.”

If you would like to take part in the adoption scheme please visit