Film Course Cinema Posters

Supporting the University of Gloucestershire's final film screening event at the Cineworld Cheltenham

News University of Gloucestershire 2013


The Bigger Printing Company supported the final production of the Film course at the University of Gloucestershire by supplying the large advertising posters for the course’s final screening event. The screening event took place inside the Cheltenham Cineworld cinema, with all of the short films being shown to a full screening room.

The 45 students on the course were divided into groups of 5/6 to undertake two film productions throughout the academical year. Production 1 ran from September 2012 until January 2013, and Production 2 ran from February 2013 to May 2013.

Each short film was as a course module, and if the final marks were high enough, the films would be chosen to be counted to towards the overall course grade at the end of the year.

In attendance on the final screening night at the Cheltenham Cineworld cinema were 200 guests including students, family members, course leaders and guests from the industry. As the guests walked down the main corridor in the cinema to the screen, they were flanked by posters the students had designed to advertise their films. Cheltenham Cineworld helped to support the event by removing posters of films soon to be on nation-wide release, so the students could use the cinema’s poster frames for their own posters.

Speaking after the screening night, student Sam Turner commented "The Bigger Printing Company was brilliant when it came to creating the posters for this event. They were incredibly helpful and friendly and made the process of designing and printing the posters thoroughly enjoyable.

The posters were printed in fantastic quality and I was impressed with how well the final products turned out. We were also very grateful for the company’s generosity in giving us the posters free of charge. The posters now sit proudly in the film department of the university promoting the films, the course and the company to any visitors or students at the university."