Investment in UVgel Printing

Introducing UVgel Printing – The Next Generation of Print Technology

Introducing UVgel Printing – The Next Generation of Print Technology


The Bigger Printing Company is excited to announce its investment in the revolutionary advancement in large format printing technology – UVgel.

Arriving in Bigger Printing’s production facility towards the end of 2017, the Canon Océ Colorado 1640 provides the largest leap forward in print technology in years. The Production Team at Bigger Printing have been thoroughly testing the Colorado 1640 over the past 8 weeks, testing a large range of materials in order to fine-tune the solutions Bigger Printing will offer using this process.

In this unique UVgel printing process, liquid ink turns into gel droplets the moment it lands on the media. This prevents the ink dots from merging, or spreading, so the printer can deposit more ink in fewer passes (resulting in drastically reduced printing times). This innovative process also decreases the volume of ink required for prints – by up to a substantial 40% when compared to eco-solvent or latex printing.

The durable, colourfast technology delivers excellent aesthetics, and a wider colour gamut than other print processes, creating brighter, vibrant prints, with precise sharp dots. UVgel prints are cured instantly by the latest UV LED technology, providing odourless prints which are instantly ready for finishing and installation.

The Océ Colorado 1640 has a dual-roll configuration (the only printer in its class to offer two media rolls online). Two rolls of the same media, or different media types can be loaded, and can be switched between automatically, helping to support reduced turnaround times.

The UVgel printing process, combined with the latest UV LED curing technology results in the most durable UV prints ever. The prints offer high levels of resistance of outdoor UV light fastness (the rate which prints fade due to UV light), and the highest abrasion resistance levels.


What does UVgel printing mean for our clients?

1) Blisteringly quick printing speeds – incredibly valuable when facing ever tightening deadlines

2) Lower running costs - attractive savings for our clients, especially on larger print runs

3) Brighter and more vibrant prints – UVgel has a huge colour gamut

4) The toughest UV cured inks ever – resulting in far less materials requiring additional sealing or lamination for protection, also contributing to further cost savings

5) More environmentally friendly printing – the Océ Colorado 1640 is an incredibly low heat and low power consumption printer


Speaking following the conclusion of the testing period, David Bowen, Operations and Marketing Manager at The Bigger Printing Company commented “We’ve been looking forward to having UVgel printing in our Production facility since we became aware of the technology – and it certainly hasn’t disappointed. We are now able to produce prints on roll media much quicker than before, at a lower cost, with a tougher print solution, producing more vibrant imagery, while being better for the environment! We appreciate that our clients are facing tougher demands on their budgets and deadlines, and UVgel printing is just one step for us to supporting our clients even further.

For more information on UVgel printing, please contact the team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01242 528868.


Watch the Océ Colorado 1640 be installed, and watch the first graphics be printed

Watch our short video below showing the installation of the Océ Colorado 1640 at Bigger Printing HQ, and the first prints run on the printer.