Introducing The Twist Display System

The Bigger Printing Company is pleased to introduce the new Twist display system

News Twist stands


A flexible and creative alternative to traditional pop-up displays systems.

Like pop-up stands, Twist stands are lightweight display systems, that allow for an impressive display marketing on a budget. Twist banners are designed to work as large display systems or small individual displays and are adapted to suit changing requirements. Individual banners measure between 800 and 1000mm wide and are seamlessly linked together to create unlimited display widths.

The beauty of this banner system is its almost endless potential. Turn a 10m exhibition display into individual banners for networking, or break down a corridor-length display into discrete banners for future events. With a bit of creative thinking, Twist banners are both cost-effective and exciting display options.

Commenting on the Twist banners, Sebastian Stanley, Director for Bigger Printing, says: “To be cost-effective you have to be flexible, and that’s why these banners are so popular with our customers. They can be used time and again and in all sorts of scenarios. My favourite feature is the corners: they can be curved to create more unusual stand shapes and again that gives you just that bit more flexibility with your displays. It’s ideal for any company that regularly attends events but needs to do so on a budget. And that’s most of us nowadays!”

To find out more about the Twist banners, please click here, give a member of our sales team a call on 01242 528868, or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.