New Video: SOHO POS

We've created a short video showing how we created the new POS displays for The SOHO Coffee Co.


The Bigger Printing Company has been enjoying bringing to life the new brand identity for SOHO Coffee Co., created by Cheltenham design agency Very Creative People. Bigger Printing produced a wide variety of robust, vibrant and impactful POS graphics for all 23 UK sites, including Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol Airports.

We've produced this short video showing how we created some of the POS displays ranging from a-frame boards to shelf strips.

Producing such an expansive range of different POS graphics for 23 sites spread around the UK created quite the challenge, but one Bigger Printing relished. Each site can vary in terms of size and facilities available, and therefore the POS requirements vary from site to site appropriately. Once the artwork is checked and approved, production commences, site by site. Bigger Printing's production team ensures that every site receives exactly what they require, before the go-live date. Bigger Printing's studio worked closely with Very Creative People to ensure that the artwork would be suitable for the different production processes that this project involved.

As a large format specialist printing company, Bigger Printing does not often produce small format print graphics such as the shelf labels that this project required. However, due to the materials and finishes that were required, Bigger Printing was able to produce them alongside the larger POS graphics such as the a-frames and fridge header panels. As Bigger Printing was able to produce all of the POS graphics for this project, SOHO Coffee did not have to worry about any small colour shifts that may be caused by other printers using a different process or different production equipment. Obviously, brand consistency is vital to any company, and Bigger Printing was able to ensure consistency of the POS graphics throughout all of the 23 sites.

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