New Video: Read Maurice Install

Read Maurice have installed our self-adhesive wallpaper themselves, and they set us this video


Cheltenham estate agents Read Maurice have just installed 3 large drops of our self-adhesive wallpaper themselves in their Cheltenham office. They have sent us this time-lapse video demonstrating how easy it was to install their wall display. Using nothing more than a step-ladder, the team at Read Maurice installed the wallpaper with ease.

As self-adhesive wallpaper is applied like a large sticker, it requires no additional paste, therefore it is a mess free installation. The adhesive wallpaper allows the display to stay firmly onto the wall, however, it can be removed and repositioned easily if required - making installations straight forward as any panels that have not been applied to the wall correctly can be adjusted with ease. Self-adhesive wallpaper is a very popular wall display solution for many offices and businesses as huge, seamless wall art displays can be erected quickly, for long or short term projects. If the project is short term, the wall paper can be removed just as easily as it was applied, without any mess or damage to the wall. As no screws or other fixings are required, there will not be any exposed holes in the wall to fill once the display is taken down.

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