New Production Manager

The new Production Manager plans to develop The Bigger Printing Company's production capability

Production Manager


Large format print suppliers, The Bigger Printing Company, have seconded a new Production Manager to improve print processes.

Dan Watson, who is from Cheltenham and has worked as a production assistant for Bigger Printing for just over a year, moved into his new role at the beginning of this month to manage the print production team. Dan was seconded due to his understanding of digital print processes, a keen eye for detail and excellent commitment to customer service.

As part of his new role, Dan is researching the latest technologies to help improve efficiency, as well as the quality of Bigger Printing’s materials. Dan comments: “We already have superb, hi-spec equipment at Bigger Printing, but we shouldn’t be complacent. I want to enhance these capabilities by reviewing how we handle the whole production process and applying additional technology as and when it’s needed. That includes better use of our customer management system to smooth the sales-to-order process, so we can turn things around more quickly.”

Dan has worked in the print industry for over 20 years and has experience in design, screen printing, print finishing and print room management. His decision to work with digital print stems from a love for design. Dan says: “There is a big creative buzz at Bigger Printing that’s sadly lacking in many litho print companies. There are so many more possibilities with digital print and I like exploring that with our clients. I’m also surrounded by a great, hard-working team.”

“It’s very exciting to be working for Bigger Printing right now. The company is growing rapidly and I intend to play a key role in making that happen.”

Dan is pictured here on the left with Sebastian Stanley, Director of Bigger Printing.