PrintWeek Cover Arizona 360XT

PrintWeek magazine cover The Bigger Printing Company's decision to buy the Arizona 360XT

PrintWeek magazine


Bigger Printing’s Director, Sebastian Stanley, was recently featured in the prestigious PrintWeek magazine, talking about his decision to buy the Arizona 360 XT.

In the article, Sebastian discusses the reasons behind this important investment; explaining how the Arizona has been instrumental to improving both quality and efficiency. In the article, Sebastian says: 'It’s easy to use, so the guys can concentrate on being creative and quality control, and hitting deadlines, and not looking at the machine and saying "I’ve got 50 buttons to work out" '.

So great is the improvement to production processes and team motivation, that Sebastian even plans to bring in another machine next year.

To read the article in full, please download the PDF or follow the link to the PrintWeek website here.