Photomosaic Wall Displays

Installation of 2 impactful photomosaic wall displays at Bigger Printing HQ using self-adhesive wallpaper


The Bigger Printing Company has been busy updating the graphics inside its office, based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Stage one is now complete (stage two is currently underway, but will not be complete for a few weeks). Stage one consists of two large photomosaic wall displays which have been printed onto self-adhesive wallpaper, the larger display being installed in the main office, the smaller display being installed in the reception area. Below is a time-lapse video showing the installation of both wall displays.

Each photomosaic has been created by compiling thousands of images of projects Bigger Printing has worked on over the last few years to create the text from Bigger Printing’s logo.

The largest wall measures over 8.5 metres wide by 2.6 metres high and uses over 8,000 images, while the smaller wall measures over 2.6 metres wide by 1.7 metres high, and uses over 5,000 images.

Top photographer Jonathon Watkins, Senior Photographer at PhotoGlow Photography helped Bigger Printing to create these impactful wall displays by arranging the project images in an order to create the content of the design.

The video below shows how the wall display was quickly and easily installed by the in-house installation team at Bigger Printing. Take a close look at the final result and see if you can see any of your projects in the design, or pop into the office to take a closer look.

For further information on self-adhesive wallpaper please click here.

For further information on PhotoGlow Photography, please click here.

Bigger Printing would also like to thank PhotoGlow Photography for supplying the photos of the photomosaic as seen above.

Watch our video below showing how we installed both photomosaic wall displays