A New Role For Mike

Mike's new role as he moves from Production Assistant to Pre-Production Technician at Bigger Printing

A new role for Mike at Bigger Printing


The Bigger Printing Company is delighted to announce a change in roles for Mike.

For the last four years, Mike has been a key member of the Production Team as a Production Assistant, producing and installing our projects to the highest standard. We are thrilled to announce that Mike is now in the Studio as the Pre-Production Technician at Bigger Printing.

The position of Pre-Production Technician became vacant after Anna came to the end of her year at Bigger Printing to go travelling for the next 12 months.

Mike’s new role involves checking and processing all of the files we receive so they are ready to go into the production workflow. Mike will also be heading up any design enquiries received, as well as making any technical alterations to artwork so they are ready for the more specialist production techniques including shape-cut displays, and projects involving white ink.

With four years inside the Production team at Bigger Printing, Mike brings a huge wealth of knowledge to ensure artwork files are processed in the best way possible for Bigger Printing’s workflow, and to ensure waste is reduced by making best use of the materials.

Mike also has a strong background in a variety of design and illustration, aside from being a keen graphic artist in his spare time, Mike also holds qualifications in the Adobe suite of Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

Before joining Bigger Printing, Mike had a rather varied and interesting professional life, from living and working on a dairy farm in New Zealand, to producing practical special effects for Hollywood movies and big-budgets TV shows!

Commenting on his new role at Bigger Printing, Mike says: “It's great to step into a new role, which also relates to a role I have enjoyed for the last four years. This is a great opportunity to further my development, interact with clients more, and be involved in every project which flows through the company.”

To contact Mike directly to discuss any design / creative requirement, or to check how best to supply and files to us for print production, please email Mike on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office on 01242 528868.